Camphill-landsbyene i Norge


Vidaråsen is the oldest and largest of the villages in Norway and is located at Andebu in Vestfold. Today there live about 150 people here. The village is peacefully situated in a hilly landscape surrounded by forests and agricultural land. Vidaråsen operates, in addition to the farm, a bakery,  a dairy, a wood workshop, a doll’s workshop, a weavery, a pottery, a herbal shop, and a grocery/gift shop. There is a chapel and a large hall where concerts are held, theatrical performances, lectures village meetings. Vidaråsen also has a care home for those who need extra care.

Enquiries: Vidaråsen Landsby, 3158 Andebu
Phone:+47  33 44 41 00 (9-12 AM, Mon.-Fri.)
Fax: +47 33 44 40 01
E-mail: officevidaraasenno


Near to  Jevnaker lies Solborg. Here there live about 50 people. From Solborg there is a beautiful view of Norefjell miles off, towards the west. Behind the village begins the forests that border the Oslo area. In addition to our farm and market garden, the village has a carpentry workshop, a weavery, a bakery and a forestry-group.

Enquiries: Solborg, 3520 Jevnaker
Phone: +47 32 13 24 80 (9-12AM, Mon.-Fri.)
Fax: +47 32 13 20 20
E-mail: solborgcamphillno


Hogganvik is located in a typical fjord-landscape in Vindafjord in Ryfylke. The village overlooks the fjords and mountains. Work on the farm and and in the forest provide jobs for most people. There is also a dairy, weavery and a small wood workshop. 45-50 people live in Hogganvik.

Enquiries: Hogganvik Village, 5583 Vikedal
Phone: +47 52 76 01 11 (9-12AM, Mon.-Fri.)
Fax: +47 52 76 84 08,
E-mail: hogganvikcamphillno


Jøssåsen is located in Malvik commune in Sør-Trøndelag. The village is located deep in the forest by Jøssåstjernet, lake. Here there live about 50 people. In addition, around 10-12 persons from the local community also come in to work. Besides farming, the village has a weavery, a book- and paper-workshop, a wood workshop and a pottery - a group of people have the important task of making fire wood.

Enquiries: Jøssåsen Country, 7550 Hommelvik
Phone: +47 73 97 12 22
Fax: +47 73 97 11 40
E-mail: officejossasenno 
E-mail: (applications): applicationjossasenno

Vallersund gård

Vallersund gård is located on the west coast of the Fosen peninsula, open to the sea. Here there are islands, the ocean and fanciful rock formations as far as the eye can see. Vallersund is an old coastal trading-center which has now become a Camphill village. The farm, bakery, the weavery and store and store give a variety of possibilities for work.  Vallersund gård also accept adults with drug-related problems. There live about 40 people in the village.

Enquiries: Vallersund gård, 7167 Vallersund
Phone:+47 72 52 70 80 (9-12AM, Mon.-Fri.)
Fax:+47 72 52 70 99
E-mail: vallersund-gaardcamphillno


Camphill Rotvoll

Camphill Rotvoll is rurally situated right at the edge of the fjord, not far from the city of Trondheim.

Camphill Rotvoll is very different from the other villages in Norway, as it is located in a typical residential area. About 25 people live in  our 3 houses with space for 10 adults who need help in daily life. At Rotvoll we have a large market garden where we grow vegetable and herbs, both outdoors and in our large greenhouse and we keep a few sheep, together with our next door neighbors: Rotvoll Waldorf School. We run a number of workshops: a large Weavery, a juice- and jam-factory, a bakery and a small general store. Camphill Rotvoll also offers suitable work for people who do not live here, but come in on a day-basis.

Enquiries: Camphill Rotvoll, Hans Collins veg 5, 7053 Ranheim
Phone: +47 73 82 68 50 (9-12AM, Mon.-Fri.)
Fax: +47 73 82 68 51